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Supra Cell

Dear friend of the dog and cat lovers!

For the side-effect-free, homeopathic treatment of dog and cat in various diseases, there are proven complex preparations from practice as a solution to the Administration
drinking water or feed.

Raised products have no disadvantages such as contra-indications, treatment normally interactions, side effects, etc. But are able to correct errors, the organism not or can not heal in the time available.

The ideal case where a single simile the desired effect is achieved by, is unfortunately not always possible in veterinary medicine. On the other hand it is but useful combination of raised with teln, which affect the same organ or tissue, trigger Hei lungsprozesse. These funds are selected by a traditional diagnosis.

A number of indications, which every veterinarian, we can arrange that with homeopathic combination, what we call healing: The organism is in many cases unable to accomplish a total anatomical restitution, but the complaint and the restoration of well-being are achieved.

Preparations for the motion apparatus can be found in the homeopathic line of SUPRA-CELL.

A causal form of treatment is possible with them, which causes an actual regeneration endogenous means of pain therapy. A selection is described below:

The finished product of COXAE is used for the treatment of hip dysplasia and the PC. Degenerative and inflammatory diseases with pain of the spine and the adjacent areas, as well as rheumatic and neuralgic pain VERTEBRA is offered, a combination of Harpagophytum, Kalmia and Pichi Pichi.

SPONDYLOSE is indicated for back spinal damage and muscle and joint pain, especially in wet and cold weather. RHEUMA helps with pain conditions of the musculoskeletal system, which manifest in the constant urge for example.

Finally FRAKTUR is used for improved healing of bone fractures, which after accidents runs at times hesitantly. Here comes the arnica used, which is proved as one of the best wound additives of homeopathic medicinal treasure.

More recipes are among topics in internal medicine and dermatology.
Examples from this series are:

Is recommended for allergic conditions, where the triggering agent not found or used to treat, allergic N, a combination of Arsenum jodatum, Thryallis glauca and Urtica urens, which Charakteristika a high percentage in the clinical picture.

The urinary incontinence in dogs and operated bitches is a widespread problem, the specimen INCONTINENTIA URINAE N effectively counteracts.

Inflammatory changes in the womb with no secretion is also a common finding, and often can or should be avoided an operation. In many cases, also PYOMETRA, a complex of Lachesis leads to the success of the healing, Mercurius solubilis and Pulsatilla.

Remedy for cat runny promises NASALIS, a combination of CEPA, Galphimia and Loofah. The cat is also a frequent patient at the complaint complex "Tonsils". Difficulty swallowing, gingivitis and tonsillitis, the preparation of TONSILLA gives relief.

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