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Small Batch (Single Protein)

The smallbatch beginnings 

Over 10 years ago, the roots of smallbatch sprouted in the Mission of San Franciso, when David & Diana Vogel created their first 'small batch'.

Smallbatch is ingredient driven, environmentally conscious and derived from a "made to order" model, smallbatch is only available in select states, staying firm to our commitmebt to quality.


Our Products

At smallbatch, we hold strong to the notion that our pets deserve fresh, high quality food while being conscious of our impact on the world.  We are unwavering in our commitment to people, pets, and the planet!  We are all in this together, and every batch we make echoes th connection and responsiblity we have to the small but beautifully community we have created through food.


Why Choose Smallbatch???

  • certified organic and pure
  • humane
  • 100%
  • earth conscious
  • fast dehydration
  • responsible ranchers and farmers
  • U.S.A. locally procured
  • more than 10 years of excellence