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Wysong dry dog foods are designed to mimic the archetypal carnivorous diet. Each of our dry, all natural dog food diets is equally suitable for dogs of all life stages and

Please see our article entitled "Large Breed Puppy Formulas" for more information. 

breeds and is designed to be

Wysong strongly encourages diet rotation. All dog foods should be fed in variety and augmented with other natural foods. Despite claims, no heat processed dog food is truly "100% Complete," and fit to be fed exclusively.
References/Further Reading:
Wysong RL, Rationale for Animal Nutrition. 1993. Wysong RL, The Truth About Pet Foods, 2002. 

fed in rotation and supplemented with Wysong True Non-Thermal™ processing. The non-heat proprietary manufacturing process Wysong uses in producing all of our raw dog foods.



TNT™ raw dog food diets, canned dog foods, and dog supplements. The natural dog food selection by Wysong provides a variety of options including premium grain free dog food such as Wysong Epigen™.